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Download HTTP

1. What's HTTP?

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is the most widely used protocol in internet. All of the www files must abide this agreement. Its original purpose was to provide a way to publish and retrieve hypertext pages over the Internet.

HTTP is a request/response protocol. In a successful connection, the client made a HTTP request. After the request had been received, the server made an appropriate response to the client.

2. How to download HTTP files?

1) Download and install "Cocsoft StreamDown";
2) Open a webpage that used http protocol;
3) CoCSoft MSniffer will sniffer the file adress automatically and list it on the CoCSoft MSniffer dialog;

4) Select the file link you want to download and click ;
5) Then pop up the New Downloading dialog;

6) Click the button to start downloading;
7) Wait for the task completion.

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